Blink-182 live at MEN Arena

by Fetler on Sunday 05 December 2004
A bish bash bosh review of the 03/12/04 Blink-182 concert at the MEN Arena in Manchester.
Well where do I start? The night was fantastic. Got there at about 6:30pm and mingled in the standing area waiting for the first support band to come on, the Kinison. They were not too bad, not my style of music though. They stayed on for a good 20-30 minutes. Shame they were playing to the wrong crowd as the majority were under 20 and were there to listen to punk rock, not alt-rock.
Anyway, after the Kinison departed the stage there was a half hour wait until Sugarcult came on and frankly they were fantastic. I have one of their albums (Start Static) but i'd never actually listened to it. They were really impressive and had very good stage presence. Most of the crowd went wild when they came on and it got a little heated infront of the stage! It got reet rowdy and I ended up getting pushed and shoved from the middle to the right-side by the barriers. Damn those pesky teenagers!
By about 9:30 the curtain came down and Blink launched into Feeling This, oh it was good to be back after seeing them last February. All I can recall after that is a barrage of golden oldies, the proper stuff they do best off Dude Ranch, Take off your Pants and Jacket, and Enema of the State.
The highlight of the evening was Carousel. Rumours were flying around that Blink fans in Glasgow and Newcastle were annoyed that they didn't get to hear Carousel, but Blink improvised midway through and just came out with it. Fantastic!
To top off a fantastic evening was right at the end when Mark delighted the crowd with guitar, keyboard and harmonica solos! The keyboard was a diddy one that kids play with but oh boy it was good! They may be dad punk rockers but they still know how to please over ten thousand hyperactive teenagers. I take my hat off to you Tom Delonge, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker! You made my night.
My rating? Hmm about 92%. My only beef was the crowd, they were wild but i'm too old to be in the crazypit with 16 year old kids going crazy! Ah well, i've been a fan since I was 16 so I can justify being in there with them :)
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