Angels And Airwaves su Big Cheese

Clicca qui per vedere la scansione di un articolo degli Angels And Airwaves su Big Cheese. Vengono spiegate cinque nuove canzoni degli Angels And Airwaves: "Everything's Magic", "Secret Crowds", "Sirens", "Heaven" e "Breathe".
Everything's Magic
The dreamy, escapist element to the music is still present and DeLonge's mellow voice slides effortlessly around handclaps and indie rock guitar work. This one could be a future single.

Secret Crowds
This slow and almost epic indie rock tune is warm and more instant than a lot off the first record, but the chorus "If I had my own world..." is slightly cringeworthy.

This upbeat and straightforward song has a bit more energy than AVA's previous material but the "da da da" vocals aren't great. A decent song, but not as glowing as the indie-rock infused EM and SC.

Living up to its name, this song sees DeLonge return to the ambitious U2-esque sound, with spacey vocals and swirling guitar sound. After the cinematic intro, complete with organ, this song fails to take off.

The most downbeat and dull of the 5 songs meanders along without any real direction. The warm "I love you" chorus isn't as powerful as it could be.

Whether I-Empire... will soar like an angel or burn up and fall to earth remains to be seen. If these songs are anything to go by, and the other tracks are in a similar vein, this album is set to be more energetic, catchy and indie-rock sounding record, so fingers crossed, AVA could be hitting their stride with album number two.

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