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Ecco cosa ha scritto Ryan Sinn su The Army Of Angels a proposito della sua uscita dagli Angels And Airwaves:
Music to me has always been a very very dear thing. An outlet of creation, frustration, desire, love, pain, and expression of all kind. It's art. It's an extension of the individual making it. It's something that I feel you should do your best at. You should practice and push yourself to always do better than you are. It's the only way I can communicate to myself and learn more about who I am, or who I really am underneath all the distractions and fabrications of who we think we are.
Individualism is also something I take to heart. I've never really understood the need to belong to something so bad that changing who you are becomes unimportant. The desire to be part of the herd doesn't make sense to me. Being who you are and not who someone else wants you to be can take a lot courage, although it seems rediculous that it should. It should be first nature. To just be who you are. Love what you Love and love that you are different, in your own unique ways.

With that being sad, and without me lamenting on that for paragraph after paragraph as I will do when philosophies are brought up. And sinse for reasons unknown to me, the band nor their management have decided not to inform any of you anything beyond what contribute to their success, I have come to say goodbye.

I recieved a phone call the evening of April 19th that concluded my relationship with Angels And Airwaves. I could go into an entire novel about my opinions of the whole matter and why I was given the axe, but to me, throwing dirt just seems desperate and tabloidial.
And I'll say as to why I was kicked out, the reasons I was given weren't at all honest, and severely hippocritical to the point of abhorrent disgust.
I've gotten wind of a few of the rumors floating around the virtual lifesource, and I'll say that I would never leave a band because of a clash of ideas, or control. To me a band is a clash of ideas and control. How can you push your artwork in a band to be better without having clashings of ideas and control?

But that doesn't really matter, none of it does. What matters to me now is freedom. Freedom to express myself and the freedom to be exactly who I am.

As for the fanclub, I tried to shape this place up, I'm sorry that none of the ideas you and I had were ever implemented. Maybe someday they will. I hope for all of you who paid your money that they use some of them.
Some of you here have a good sense about what this fan club really is, and the rest of you have been really awesome about taking it upon yourselves to improve things here. If any of you want to spend an additional $30 for nothing, email me and I'll give you an address to send a check.
I appologise that it's been near a month sinse this went down and you've all been in the dark as rumors have made their rounds. But perhaps following a messange blindly and praising the meaning of do as I say not as I do is the exclamation point of the issue.

See you again somewhere, sometime

Ryan Sinn

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