Hello from Italy

Hey everybody,

Just wanted to give a quick hello from Italy. As most of you know, while on Plus 44's european tour, our good friend Travis had to go back home to Los Angeles and have his arm looked at. A couple of days into it, his right arm wasn't feeling right, and unfortunately it was pretty bad, so he had to depart and visit his doctor.

But fear not, Travis' friend and fellow drummer Gil Sharone has come out to fill in on drums for a while. For those asking, we dont know for how long yet. Gil's am amazing talent and incredible guy. He came out and learned our set overnight, 12 songs plus one cover, and the shows have been badass!! Many thanks to Gil, everybody show him some love!! Find out more about Gil here

The tour has been phenomenal, its so amazing to be back in Europe now that our record is out. Everyone has been super super supportive, and it seems like every single show is getting better and better! Thanks to everybody that has come out and shown us some love, you know who you are!!

Be well,
- Craig Fairbaugh MySpace

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