more touring

nebraska! hello everyone. we are in the middle of a drive from minneapolis to denver. i just did some interviews, and we pulled over to eat some delicious truck stop food. today is a sweaty sunny 49 degrees, which is like miami in the summer compared to where we just went through in milwaukee, st. louis, and minneapolis.

anyway here is the new podcast. north american tour podcast 2, electric boogaloo. in this we continue to pull back the curtain about life on tour. the dressing rooms, the boredom, the video games. hear what it's like to be a merch saleswoman on the road, listen to holmes agonize over the four c's of diamond buying, and listen to rami from something for rockets shamelessly promote their new album. we also have a track from declare this an emergency.

so here it is. listen and enjoy. that is all.

- Hi My Name Is Mark

[Download Podcast #27]

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