day off on hoth

what's up everybody? today we have a day of travel on the bus, driving from baltimore to milwaukee. i thought i'd take this time to give you all an update from the road. we are surrounded by snow everywhere. it's like hoth out there. being from california, this is new to us. subsequently, chris holmes (our engineer) was nailed in the back with a snowball while walking in for a coffee; and kenny (our security), woke up with a snowball melting on his chest, courtesy of little chris.

shane is in the front lounge of the bus watching madagascar. travis is in the back lounge doing interviews and working on famous stars and straps. he says hi to you all, and encourages you to check out the descendents song "christmas vacation" so you can sing along with us when we play it at the shows.

the saddest thing happened today. craig's best friend is gone. his sidekick 3 refuses to charge, and won't work anymore. if you know craig, you know that he spends every living second that he is not onstage typing furiously on that sidekick, and that he would probably rather be without one of his legs than not it. he truly is bummed. please help my friend. if he doesn't get a new sidekick soon he may be forced to engage in actual face to face conversation.

i am enjoying a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, reading a will eisner graphic novel, and listening to some new cd's (shiny toy guns, bad astronaut). today i feel better after being sick the past few days. being sick on tour is the worst. thanks very much to doctor fred for the multitude of presciption medication.

the shows so far have been amazing. thanks to everyone who has come out. we have been having the time of our lives out here, especially in new york. that was a crazy week. the record came out, we played letterman, visited trl, recorded an aol session (travis actually recorded 2. the one he did with the game is up today. check it out), played two shows in the city, had a party for travis's birthday, did a signing at the virgin megastore in times square, and that was all in just four days. who needs to sleep?

the record is finally out! we are so stoked. we worked so hard on the album for more than a year, and now to finally be able to have people listen to it is amazing. thanks so much for all of your support.

i think we are pulling into milwaukee now, so i am gonna wrap this up. before i go, i wanted to let you know we are currently confirming shows in europe, australia, and japan, in addition to the north american tour we are on right now. so check out the schedule on the +44 site, or the myspace 44. we will see you at the shows...

may the force be with you, but mostly with me.
- Mark MySpace

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