Press blinks

Press blinks
Ok, so there are a bunch of interviews with each member of blink-182. It's my job to present them to you. So, here we go. Let's start with Travis

Travis has an interview with The Punk Site. You can access it HERE

He also has a well, interesting interview with Playboy. You can get that HERE

Punk Rock Reviews also interviewed Travis. You can get that HERE

And our good friends at Absolute Punk have a forum interview with Mister Barker. You can get that HERE

Now let's move on to Tom

Tom sat down and talked to Punk And Junk. You can check that out HERE

Hip Online also asked Tom a few questions. Get that shizznit HERE

Aversion asks Tom, "What's My Age Again?" in this interview. You can access it HERE

And Punktastic was fantastic in their Q&A with Tom. You can get it HERE

And last but not least, we move on to Mark

Mark sat down with the Celebrity Cafe and answered a few questions. Tune in and read it all HERE

Ask Men did just that... they asked Mark a few questions and you can see that HERE

Frigid Ember also hit up Mark for a few questions. Get that info HERE

IGN got the 411 from Mark in this banter session. All that will be revealed to you if you click HERE

And that's it. I also have album reviews but I'll add those tomorrow in the discography section. I'm tired and I'm going to bed. So, stay tuned for that one.

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