this is halloween, this is halloween

hi again. just got back from rehearsal here in los angeles, the most beautiful city in the world. we are ready to tour travis has been drumming with one arm and it is gonna be awesome. we can't wait to play the shows. here are the official dates, including all the rescheduled ones...

11/08/06 Tampa, FL Jannus Landing
11/09/06 Orlando, FL House of Blues
11/10/06 Atlanta, GA Roxy Theater
11/12/06 Philadelphia, PA Theatre of Living Arts
11/13/06 Washington, DC 9:30 Club
11/14/06 New York City, NY Bowery Ballroom
11/15/06 New York City, NY Late Show w/ David Letterman
11/17/06 New York City, NY Webster Hall
11/19/06 Boston, MA Avalon
11/21/06 Toronto, ON Phoenix
11/22/06 Detroit, MI St. Andrews
11/28/06 Chicago, IL Metro
11/29/06 Cincinatti, OH Bogart's
11/30/06 Baltimore, MD Rams Head Live
12/02/06 Milwaukee, WI Rave
12/03/06 St. Louis, MO Mississippi Nights
12/04/06 Minneapolis, MN First Ave
12/06/06 Denver, CO Ogden Theatre
12/07/06 Salt Lake City, UT In The Venue
12/11/06 San Diego, CA Soma
12/12/06 San Francisco, CA The Fillmore
12/14/06 Seattle, WA The Fenix
12/15/06 Portland, OR Roseland Theatre
12/17/06 Sacramento, CA The Boardwalk

if your hometown is not on this list, fear not. we will be playing there soon, too. also, our friends the matches are supporting on these shows, so it is going to be fun. when you are at the shows, and they play either 1) the barber's unhappiness, 2) what katie said, or 3) sunburn vs the rhinovirus; you should turn to one of your friends, thoughtfuly scratch your chin, and say, "you know, the production of these songs on their album is truly outstanding..." at which point, your friend should furrow his or her brow, nodding, and reply, "quite right, quite right..." if you could conduct the enitre conversation in an arisocratic english accent, it would really authenticate the exchange. just a suggestion.

the new podcast, part 2 of the european tour, is going up tomorrow, so watch for that and download it and listen to it.

please feel free to vote for my bestest most awsomest friends in the whole world, or at least pennsylvania: zolof the rock and roll destroyer, at they are cool people. they are a rad band. they want to go to new york city and play music in times square. you can help them fulfill their quest. their destiny. i hope that was the right way to spell fulfill. myspace needs to add spellcheck, or at least i need to learn how to spell properly, and it is much easier for me if myspace simply adds spellcheck, rather than me having to walk all the way across the room and get the dictionary. i mean come on, that's gotta be at least ten feet away! i can't be expected to walk all the way over there! i am just one man!! anyway. zolof the rock and roll destroyer. yes, that is really the name of their band.

this past week i have been back in the studio with something for rockets, and their new album is going to rule. so many good songs. ridiculous. if you like your los angeles born and raised alternative disco dance rock indie sing along this is the band for you. they play live all the time around here, so watch for them.

i'm so stoked. i finally saw the movie "grandma's boy." best movie of all time? let's discuss...

halloween is tomorrow. yes indeed!

now i am going to go read the absolute edition of dark knight.

may the force be with you, but mostly with me.

- Mark Hoppus MySpace

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