1. i am a comic book geek 2. can someone please explain?

okay, this one is a question for my fellow comic book readers. i've been into the new civil war series put out by marvel and have been reading all the tie-ins as well. there's one thing i just don't get. if you read the civil war tie-in in the fantastic four series, 1. richard reed's wife leaves him by flying up through the ceiling and multiple floors above them, and 2. the thing leaves the country to avoid getting caught up in the debate about the super hero registration act. BUT in civil war 4, you see the thing fighting right alongside iron man, and richard reed's wife leaves him by walking out the front door in the middle of the night. what is going on here? did i miss something? why do i not understand? am i really a grown man reading comic books and getting worked up about the plotlines? i'm so confused anymore...

- Mark Hoppus MySpace

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