european vacation: part one

okay everyone. here i deliver to you all the latest installment in the fine series of podcasts known as “hi my name is mark.” this is the first of a two parter that we recorded while on the (+44) tour a couple of weeks ago. a tour diary, if you will, a peek behind the curtain. through this podcast you can witness the experience the pure joy and boredom of life on the road. THRILL as we sit in the bus waiting to play. LIVE the wasted hours talking on the phone to our friend james. WEEP at the explanation of holmes' new nickname. these are the moments for which podcasts were created! we sit in buses and dressing rooms! we talk about what we didn't do! we are terrific!

as you may know already, during the filming of the video for “when your heart stops beating,” travis broke his arm. that day he knew it hurt, but he didn't know it was actually broken until we went on an entire european tour, and then got back to the states and he got an mri done. this means he was playing the entire tour on a broken arm. you're welcome, europe. so we are postponing the first couple weeks of the tour until the end of the tour to allow his arm time to heal. we are working on the rescheduling, and hopefully will know today or tomorrow when and where everything is going to happen. the dates that we know for sure will be added onto and we will keep adding them as we know them. all of us cannot wait to be on the road playing these songs, so don't you worry. we will be in your town soon.

in the meantime, enjoy this here podcast. we will have the second half for you next week. that's right. next week. that's how on the ball we are here at “hi my name is mark.” we are the best. weeeeeeee!!


- Hi My Name Is Mark

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