im back

Thats right, I am back, and ready to play music again....I just had my son, and will never have sex again if this is what's gonna happen. I have been working like mad on a few things. 1) I just finished the best song I ever wrote, ( I know I seem to say that a lot but its true) you will hear it in a few weeks, 2) the gift short film, will be airing on October 3rd I believe and then a live performance a week or so later. I also have been gearing up some major stuff with Macbeth Footwear and Atticus Clothing. Angels has been a roller coaster of a ride, and it is just starting.....I can't wait till you all hear this new song, 8 1/2 mins long, three movements....and the chills to go along. I have been getting a lot of requests about doing interviews to address my reasons for leaving Blink, if anybody wants to know I did an interview about 6 months ago in Kerrang! about it. It is such old news for me; I can't even imagine talking about it again. I love and miss those guys, they are great people, and I am excited for their amazing new future....
Films, games, videos, tours, movies......its all coming from angels & airwaves, sorry I had to go deliver a fucking human being.....stop being weird.....until tomorrow, today....
Tom De Longe

- Angels And Airwaves MySpace Bulletin

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