today rules - part 2

so this week we are getting awesome here in new york city. we just got here after shooting the video for "when your heart stops beating" over the weekend. thanks to everyone who came down to the shoot. liz friedlander directed it, and it looks like it is going be amazing. can't wait to see the final cut.

yesterday we went around the city and stepped up the sneaker game to a new level. the shoes here are something else... and today i am going to check out the toy stores and hit up midtown comics to get something to read on the flight over to the uk next week.

oh yeah, and also going to the record store to get the new matches and rory cd's. both of which come out today. both of which i got to work on. and both of which you should listen to. music, sneakers, toys and comics. and justin timberlake. today rules.


- Hi My Name Is Mark

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