Il terzo singolo sarà The War

09.05.2006 Tom answers some questions before the VMA's.

We caught up with Tom at the Hudson Hotel in New York CIty right before he was getting in his car to attend the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards.

Q: How does it feel to be nominated for three awards at this year's MTV VMA's?

A: Flattering. It is and honor to me to have any kind of recognition for a "brand new" band.

Q: Nostalgic?

A: I know what to expect but it's still a totally new thing - pretty cool and exciting. I, ah, haven't thought about it much.

Q: Are you excited to see anyone perform tonight?

A: Excited to see the Killers. Excited to see any kind of performance, all of it is entertaining. Should've had AVA perform - they fucked up!

Q: What's in store for new upcoming tours?

A: Going out with The Sounds in the fall for a few weeks. Then we are planning for a major tour come spring time.

Q: Other than sleep what are you thinking about?

A: Missing home. We just had a baby! Dad and Rock-Star-Guy thing is weird.

Q: What's the next short film to debut?

A: 3rd short film coming out. Video shoot for "War" in a few weeks.

Q: Anything you want to say to the Army of Angels Fan Club?

A: Thanks for the support. Thank you for being better looking than most fan clubs. I shall continue to bring the best music in the history of mankind!

R (response): That's the Tom we're looking for


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