DeLonge Slams 'Terrible' Rolling Stones Concerts

ANGELS & AIRWAVES rocker TOM DeLONGE admires veterans THE ROLLING STONES for their staying power - but thinks their concerts are "terrible".
The former BLINK 182 star, 30, saw a recent Stones gig and was horrified with his rock heroes' performances.
DeLonge says, "We are here to rule the planet. I'd like us to be still touring when we are old.
"People talk s**t about the Stones being on the road and I don't want anyone telling me I can't play music any more, no matter what age I am.
"I did go see them in the US but I didn't really like it.
"The show sucked - not necessarily because they are old.
"The production was terrible, they had really lame lights and stuff. There was just no impact."


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