three songs!

i didn't finish the podcast yesterday. i wanted to. i meant to. i just didn't. i'm sorry. i didn't mean to hurt you. it'll better for all of us in the long run if we can accept this for what it is - our first wednesday release - and move one. moving on... the good news is the reason i didn't finish the podcast yesterday is because we have been (+44)'ing this week till the wheels fall off. very good things are going on here in the studio.

this podcast is amazing. well, it's very good. pretty good. or terrible. somewhere in that range. the amazing parts are the songs by alkaline trio, small towns burn a little shower and houston calls. the terrible part is where i talk quite a lot through the whole thing. and i rule. sometimes. other times i suck or am kind of average. you get all of these things and more on this podcast.

today, by the way, has been a great day. we're working on a track that we have tentatively titled weatherman, though that title will soon change. i've been working out a few melodies, harmonies, etc... i'm also waiting for my coffee. i ordered a cappuccino. i hope it comes soon. i gotta go, travis is about to play drums.

may the force be with you.


- Hi My Name Is Mark

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