Yup, it's a blink 182 video!

Yup, it's a blink 182 video!
From MTV.com: LOS ANGELES — Blink-182 recently spent the night in jail.
No, not as inmates. That was their teenage years (Tom DeLonge when he was 18, Travis Barker 15, to be specific). The older, more mature Blink-182 were only behind bars for the sake of work. The punk trio shot their latest clip, for the new single "Feeling This," at the abandoned Lincoln Heights Jail north of downtown Los Angeles.
"The idea is that it's a very institutionalized school," singer/bassist Mark Hoppus explained on the set. "It's kind of a combination of prep school and reform school, and it's very repressed and kids are being held down. There is a lot of authority and a lot of strict regiment, and the kids lash out and take over the school and destroy the place." Per saperne di più...

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