Blink-182 Revisit Their Sexy Cover

Blink-182 Revisit Their Sexy Cover
Hear Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge talk about getting naked for Rolling Stone

Blink-182 may be "on hiatus" -- Tom DeLonge is now fronting Angels and Airwaves, while Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus have formed Plus 44 -- but the guys remember their 2000 Rolling Stone cover shoot like it was yesterday. Probably because it involved water sports, a whole lot of nudity and Christina Aguilera (well, almost). Hoppus and DeLonge dished on the details with Gavin Edwards for our 1000th issue.

Minus Ms. Dirrty, says Hoppus, "it was actually cool that we got to do it on our own . . . When you you're on the [Rolling Stone]cover, it's like the first time you hear your song on the radio or see your video on TV."

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