regular dozen

it's podcast twelve and it's spectacular. or it's more of the same. it's one or the other. or neither. nevertheless...

i'd wanted to, but neglected to talk about my wild tetris ds battles with brother-in-law mitch. actually, i'm not sure battles would really describe what they were. it's more like when the (enter really good sports team) play the (enter notoriously awful sports team). you know what i mean? anyway, if you see mitch in the street, taunt him because he was soundly handed his ass seven games to one. eat that, mitch! you have no game! none! where was i? ah yes...

there are three songs on this podcast. all are complemented by interviews with some of the bands' members. and we even went intercontinental for all y'all. we called jolly old rome for an interview with our italian friends in vanilla sky. and then we used our anytime minutes to talk to punchline. it was phone fun and i'm sharing it all with you.

also, find out how handsy it gets when chris holmes visits his doctor, what happens when a strangely off-work james ingram meets a lady in an electronics store and how jon kalter puts his foot in his mouth using only the internet.

check it!


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