blink photo shoot

blink photo shoot
As promised, here's the deal: A few days ago BLINK had their TAKE OFF YOUR PANTS AND JACKET photo shoot. I was there and here's the scoop:
9:00AM - Call time at the studio (studio will remain nameless)!
9:45AM - Tom arrives carrying a suitcase full of clothes.
10:00AM - Mark arrives with wife, Skye.
10:15AM - Travis arrives with girlfriend Melissa.
While waiting for the crew to set up, Mark told a funny story about a group of girls that came by his house late one evening to take pictures and perhaps catch a quick glimpse. Little did they realize, they went to his neighbor's house instead. The girls were all giggly thinking they had done something super cool, yet the house, which they thought was Mark's, was really his neighbor. Idiots!
Back to the photo shoot - the set was constructed to look like a dressing room where the guys had the opportunity to stand in front of a photographer and slap on different kinds of clothing. From bright red baggy pants to tight jean jackets to masks to spandex, it was a sight to be seen to say the least. Imagine Mark wearing only a tie and his boxers or Tom in an acid wash jacket or Travis... Well, you'll just have to stay tuned for the exclusive video that'll soon be on the site to see that. Gotta go!!

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