mark hoppus, you old scoundrel!

why does no one ever say this to me? tomorrow i turn 34 and not once has a friend, associate, enemy, relative, mentor, apprentice, etc...
walked up to me, given me a hearty hug and said, "mark hoppus, you old scoundrel!!!!" and why? am i not human? if you cut me, will i not bleed? if my unicorn stumbles, do i not fall off? that last one was a trick question. unicorns never stumble.

as i write this to you fine people, i am in new york city. the city of lights. the windy city. the big easy. i'm out here for a few days to hang out with friends, take some pictures, eat some food and participate in some good ol fashioned gallivanting. and man do i have some funny stories for the podcast next week. i can hardly wait to get back to LA and tell you all about this trip. oh the fun and amazing times we've had. one of the stories is about a delicious lunch i ate. who knew lasagna could taste so good? another is about this book i read in the hotel room. and still yet another story is about this kubrik boba fett toy i bought at the kid robot store in soho.

What a great toy for an old scoundrel!!!
sooooooo cool. and let me tell you, there is NOTHING cooler than a 34 year old man buying a boba fett toy with his new yoda credit card. and then i was walking home, and some crazy vagrant with a cape jumped out of a dark alleyway and cut off my right hand with his light saber. it was way out.

so i am signing off to go check out the bathing ape store. if i happen to see you out on the streets of new york, don't forget to tell me, "happy birthday old scoundrel!!!!!"

- Hi, My Name Is Mark

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