Mark Podcast #9

this time you get more than you paid for

hello friends. it's tuesday and it's a great day. a great, fantastic, glorious day. at this point you should be asking yourself : "why, mark? what makes today so special?"

well for starters, there's this thing you are now reading. some people call it a blog. i call it typing. now, i know there are better typings (blogs) out there than mine. ones that contain real news and links and photos. some that include industry secrets and videogame tricks and music reviews. and then there's this one. with the occasional picture and the infrequent link. most often not much more than a random rant and a bunch of strange unicorn references. well you know what? today it's different. today it's not alone...

today the typing comes with a podcast. yes, my friends, it's that every-other-tuesday where the world becomes the beneficiary of my pointless ramblings. even more so on this podcast. that's because on this one, i do a bit more chatting than usual. a bit less music playing and a bit more chatting. it's the best of all worlds with music from we are the fury and united state of electronica AND phone calls to jeremy from we are the fury, rami from something for rockets, jon from my friend jon, skye from my wife and lani from my wife's mother. so much to talk about. so f-ing much! and there's more...

today the podcast comes with a revolutionary product. a breakthrough. i'm not going to tell you what it is called, but it sure is wonderful (although odd) and functional (although maybe not). it's described in full in the podcast and you'll love it and you'll tell your friends that i'm a genius. in fact, you'll say something to the effect of: "hey friends, that mark hoppus is a genius!" and they'll reply by saying something like, "who is mark hoppus?" or "i know. but which genius-like endeavor of mark's are you referring to today?" and you'll reply, "the thing he talks about on the podcast!" and you might even direct them to my glorious invention's dot-com.

that's right bitches, my invention has a website. it's very basic, but i believe the picture - kudos to shane gallagher for his wildly precise, visual interpretation of my dream - will tell you all you need to know. god bless the people at fuse and juxt for letting me display my invention to the world on someone else's server and on someone else's dime. and a very dispassionate thanks to jon for shelling out a whopping nine dollars to register the domain name. thank you jon, you cheap sunuvabitch!
may the force be with you.


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Ecco cosa contiene il podcast:
  • Intervista ai We Are The Fury
  • Intervista ai Something For Rockets
  • Commenti di Skye Hoppus
  • Commenti della mamma di Skye
  • Musica dei We Are The Fury
  • Musica dei United States Of Electronica
  • Il sito ufficiale

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