hey its Atom

OK everybody......HERE WE GO, the beginning of everything. Not the beginning of time, or the beginning of the end.......but the start of our true relationship with you....the fan. Is fan even the right word? You are reading this because you interested in the prospect of something new, something different. You think maybe there is hope in this world for fresh ideas and original thoughts to exist......You are hoping for group of people, and a group of songs to help explain some of the awful shit going on in this world, and to also show the source of beauty. So are you a fan? or an optimist? or a dreamer? I will say this: I have been involved with alot of music in my life, I have played on alot of records, but I have NEVER......EVER felt the way I do about this band, these songs, the way it feels to play this music, our future................................So what does it mean to you ? It means you are with us....You are here on the first day of a new thing, a box-less process, a fresh set of ideas. And be proud of your self for seeking out something not everyone will understand. something that for some will define nothing, and for us, everything.
I am Atom. I am one of the Angels And Airwaves.

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