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Fans of grandiose stars like Bono and Jay-Z, take not: Tom DeLonge's ego is on the rise. The former blink-182 guitarist returnes this spring with Angels & Airwaves, an assemblage of musicians (Box Car Racer guitarist David Kennedy, former distillers bassist Ryan Sinn, and Rocket From the Crypt drummer Adam Willard) who will help him achieve "world domination."
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"I made a record that was what I wished a rock record would have sounded like in the last 20 years," DeLonge says. "The Larger-than-life heroics of the '70s prog rock, the electronic experimentation and digital sonics of the '80's, and the enerty and accessibility of the punk-rock movement that blink was a part of in the '90s"
Equally inspired by personal crises and global events, A&A reflect DeLonge's fascination with politics (he stumped for John Kerry in 2004). "Blink were the pinnacle of the band that doesn't care about anything," he says. "When i started to get political, Travis [Barker] and Mark [Hoppus] really didn't back me up on it. I was going to buy a place in D.C. and possibly work with the [potential Kerry administration]".
Instad of becoming a wonk, DeLonge made an album and feature film that will mix CGI, images depcting World War 2, and a love story taht he says is "something that Pink Floyd probably would have done with The Wall." "There will be actors in it," he says. "I can't say who. You might see Brad Pitt naked, if that will help."

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