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Hey guys- just wanted to give you a little update as to whats going on with angels and airwaves.

Things are starting to go light speed here in Angels land..... Rehearsals are happening every night to get ready for a few weeks of special shows in Europe and in the states as well... I have met with multiple magazines as well as Fuse and MTV, and they all agree that the record is everything it is hyped up to be, but more...which is good, so I can stop my big, over-excited mouth, and I can let others do the talking. The short film is out, although it seems to be over some peoples head, the vast majority of you got it, and loved the story....the creation of perfect love with perfect life, the making, and story of Angels and Airwaves. The video for the adventure is going to be shot in the next couple weeks, and oh my God, just wait and see ...I finally had some friends and family come to see the band play, every body’s arms were covered with chills, and I felt like I was on another planet...I can not wait to let you guys in on this....this is the beginning of a movement, not a band...not a scene, but a way of life-

- Angels And Airwaves MySpace

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