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hello there everyone. its been a while since ive said hello so i thought i would just say hello, and for those of you who have been emailing about the adventure video, we are so stoked that you like it (for the small amount of you that werent into it, keep watching it, hopefully youll like it over time) im sure its not what many of you expected but try to think outside the box. our website is up and running now and we are adding stuff to it by the day so be sure to check it out. a lot more shows that we keep comfirming will be posted up as soon as we can announce them so stay tuned.
back to angels world, yesterday we did a photo shoot for the album and i cant wait to see how the photos turned out. im sure you all will be seeing some photos as well as soon as we get them back. other than that we continue to practice nightly and get ready for our record to come out and get back on the road and tour.
thanks for the support and the concern. your truely the best fans in the world and i cant wait for you to be apart of this with us.
ps the record is suppose to be released mid may, many of you keep emailing asking about that. as soon as we have a confirmed release date, you all will be the first to know.

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