Tom funny messages

Tom ha scritto due messaggi abbastanza divertenti sulla pagina MySpace degli Angels And Airwaves.

i play the guitar, i dont understand web stuff, so i apologize, i deleted our background code, apparently you need all these random letters and symbols to make the page look pretty. so until i can get chris to repost the code so our page looks better that every other bands page on myspace, pass THIS code around to everyone... [blank]

ok, i have this awesome idea. it is everyones mission to get everyone that they have on their friends list to be Angels & Airwaves friend, and everyone on THEIR friend list to be our friend, and EVERYONE on THEIR list to be our friend. how are we suppose to take over the world if we dont have everyone on board...
people are gonna miss out on the next adventure!

- Angels And Airwaves MySpace

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