Ryan Sinn journal

Another week gone by so fast?
AVA has started rehearsing in our new space...it's by
far the raddest place I've ever played in...aside from
this one place in germany, but that's cause it looked
like a dungeon....anyway, the songs are sounding great
live, and only after three days...I can't wait to get
out and play for everyone...
I went to NAMM last week, which was pretty fun as
although crazy as hell....as usual...but I got to see
some old friends
and drink plenty of tequila and tonic....there's a
picture down below
of me hangin out at the Coffin Case booth....It's
Jonny and Mora!!!

So next week I get to go try out a bunch of bass amps,
which I'm excited about..
well in the hopes I'll find something I like...and my
new basses should be arriving as well.
Once things really start moving I can take some new
pictures of more exciting things..
and I'll have much more to write about once we start
but until then....
I was rummaging through old photos and found some to
share...some from our wedding, some from Distillers
tours..pretty random stuff
I also found a box of photos from when I was 17, maybe
I'll post some next time...
At NAMM I met James from Fireball Ministry...which was
sort of coincidental, as my wife and I were listening
to them on the drive there...so anyway, that's my band
reccomendation for this week...
go learn about them, cause everyone should know who
they are Fireball Ministry
ok, that's all for now check AngelsAndAirwaves.com soon...we're workin on some special stuff for you

- Ryan Sinn

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