I am still, without devotion
Cause we’re all asleep at the wheel
Asleep and so surrounded by
What we feel

A bad dream-

On a rope and pulled through an ocean
With my heart, I’m lost out at sea
And every kind of thought screams misery

So lonely-

Im a johnny come lately
But I will not give up
And the words they escape me
But I’m full of dumb luck
And the world is an oyster
With a poisonous shell
And the look in my eye
Is a look that can kill

And Dream a bit-

I am not, without emotion
I have ran, from the pain of my will
From the mess of a hunt and a catch, and the thrill

And I’m ill-

I am known, in the circles of envy
I’d thank God, but then what is he for
Cause I left a few hard calls at his front door

I’ll leave more-

Don’t you go
Come a little bit closer now
If you like
When you die

Wake your soul
To a little light fire now
If you like
When you die

Speak to me
Cry a river and make believe
In the whites
Of your eyes

Clasp your hands
Do whatever your heart commands
You will find
When you die

Your are mine-